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דגךחלכי דךלגכ דךגכלח דךגכחד ךגכחדלךגכ דגךכלחד ךגכלחדגלךכ דךלכחד גךלכח דגךלכחדג ךכלדגח ךכלדחג כךלדגח כלךדגח כךלדגחכ ךלדגכח לךדגכח דגךלכח דגךלכ דחגלךכח נמץב המנצבנך 'קורד ןגכחךח הסהמסבהלמ סבךה

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שלום עולם!

ברוכים הבאים לוורדפרס. זה הפוסט הראשון באתר. אפשר למחוק או לערוך אותו, ולהתחיל לכתוב.

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These cushions act as pillows for your penis

I am currently eighteen, and have had a long standing unease with doctors/hospitals/anything medical if it has something to do with me. At a very young age I would hide under the table to take medicine if I was ill, because I thought it would make me look 'weak' or that I couldn't look after [...]

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You can read up all about that right here

The Champagne Intensity Gel by Heart and Attitude did not do a single thing for me. I've tried other arousal gels before with no results and this one is just added to the list of duds for me. With products like these dildos, individual results WILL vary. The sex is epic but she would never [...]

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This means it won’t run the battery dead if that happens

So i need to clear this up i have been on yahoo answers and could not get a straight answer so i came here where i know the answers are always genuine! my girlfriend an I are both 17. We decided to have sex for the first time yesterday. We were both virgins till yesterday [...]

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During the discussion we both try to listen with an open mind

I am very pro sterilization, regardless of age and your current status as a parent or not. My now almost seven year old daughter is the result of an unplanned pregnancy, when I was just 20 vibrators, and my then fiance now husband was 22. However, unplanned =/= unwanted. dildos I'd really like to use [...]

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All I get is this light brown discharge

The Mage is similar in shape to that of a real penis. While the toy is phallic in shape on the head, it's not super realistic and is by no means discreet if left out for others to see. It has a coronal ridge on the underside of the curve which is a bit of [...]

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Especially when using lube, it can be difficult to get a firm

Guilty. After three and a half days of deliberation cheap dildos, a jury found Ingmar Guandique guilty of first degree felony murder in the killing of Washington intern Chandra Levy a case that drew national attention because of the victim's links to her hometown congressman Gary Condit. Guandique, a 29 year old illegal immigrant from [...]

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